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SmartMotors™Integrated Servo Motors Controls

Welcome to OEM Dynamics

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OEM Dynamics comprises the Systems Integration division of Animatics Corporation. Its purpose is to couple proven Integrated Servo Controls with innovative designs in Linear Actuators to provide System Components and sub-assemblies for high-end automation. With over 20 years of application designs operating on production floors internationally, we offer high performance, low cost, reliable components and sub systems for industries including but not limited to:

  • Biomedical Process and Control equipment
  • Automotive Component Assembly and Testing
  • CNC Wood and Metal cutting Systems
  • Aviation Testing and Control
  • Nuclear Fuel Rod Handling Systems

OEM dynamics is dedicated to deliver Component Level Products and Sub-System Assemblies with high performance and reliability at the lowest possible prices. Our coupled sub-systems allow you to just drop us in and go!

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All OEM Dynamics™ Linear Integrated Systems are covered by Animatics patent #5,912,541 and other patents are in progress


"Harmonic Linear Drives and Belt Slide Systems eliminates costly gearheads and brakes in most applications!!!!

Lowering cost without sacrificing quality, accuracy or system integrity is the number one topic and goal on the minds of the board of directors and management of every major company in the world. Today, the goal is achievable without resorting solely on the old fashioned cost cutting methods of reducing US and European employees in favor of offshore suppliers. OEM Dynamics now has a fully integrated linear motion system that reduces costs by reducing system parts and components as well as engineering and assembly time - through innovation, NOT outsourcing.

30-35% Savings on System Costs

Integrated SmartMotor™ technology is the invention of Animatics Corporation. “Harmonic Linear Drive™” belt actuator technology is the invention of Harmonic Linear Drives, Ltd. in England. The merging of these two technologies has shown to save as much as 35% when compared to the equivalent, conventional components. For any given axis of motion, this system design approach provides linear bearing load support, harmonic zero-backlash gear reduction, a true closed-loop brushless motor and digital drive, and a 32-bit programmable controller. The Intrinsic reduction provides a high resistance to back-driving, a benefit usually purchased in the form of a brake.
The SmartMotor eliminates a cabinet full of controls by building everything into the motor. The Harmonic Linear Drive™ eliminates a gear-head and brake by wrapping the belt around subtly different diameter pulleys in a way that produces inherent gear reduction using the Harmonic Principle. All told – this clever, compact combination uses fewer parts, increases reliability and markedly lowers the cost of your machine.

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Animatics Headquarters
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3200 Patrick Henry Drive
Santa Clara , CA 95054

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OEM Dynamics Office:
3200 Patrick Henry Drive
Santa Clara , CA 95054

Phone: 408-748-8721
Fax: 408-748-8725


Northeast US Office:
568 St. Paul Street
Rochester , NY 14605

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Asia Regional Office:
Kichijoji Nagatani City Plaza 601,
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Musashino-Shi, Tokyo 180-0004

PHONE: +81 422 20 1251
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Central Europe Regional Office:
Animatics GmbH
In der Neuen Welt 8G/5 
Memmingen,  87700 

Phone: +49 8331 927 9140
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Animatics UK and Scandanavian Region:
EURMotion Ltd.




Servida Headquarters:
Servida GmbH
In der Neuen Welt 8G/6
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Phone: +49 (8331) 927 83 55
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Animatics Corporation in cooperation with OEM Dynamics Division collaborates with customers to provide system level design , integration , and operation for applications that may require high resolution , low backlash , high speed needs. This may include the likes of Harmonic, Cycloid, Precision Planetary or Servo Rated Worm Gear Reduction, even Belt Reduction. Component Level design may include custom Motion Controllers, Integrated Servo Controls, Compact Digital Drives, Linear Motors, Absolute Encoders, High Moment of Inertia Mismatch, sub Micron Positioning Accuracy, Repeatability and Backlash Compensation with Phase Advanced Commutation and Electronic Gearing, Camming Control and more. With there ideas and concepts in mind, OEM dynamics works toward providing each customer with his needs in the fast paced automation and control environment, whether it be Automotive, Biomedical, Military, Aerospace, Defense, food Products, Dry product packaging, Powders and bulk solids, metal and wood working CNC, CAD, CAM, NC, contouring, 2D, 3D.


OEM Dynamics